I think this is Montipora hispida, which forms plates with pinnacles.. It doesn't look like much in my pictures, but Rich Durso has a big one that is gorgeous, and he was nice enough to break off one of the spires for me. He reports that it grows fast, I believe, but mine has taken a while to get going.



Interesting monti frag from Country Critters on Long Island, NY. July 2003
Brown M. digitata from Adam Soyer at Tridacna Reefs. On right as I purchased it in May 03, with really bright purple tips and red corralites. I placed it low in the tank so that went away, but its growing nice enough to be back up in the light soon...
Nice green Monti from Rich Durso. One of the first frags in the tank so it's getting pretty big now.
Here is a nice orange M. digitata frag from Reef and Fin in Connecticut. As I got it on the right, and below as it looks today.
Another one, this one also has orange polyps, but the base color, showing mostly at the tips, is pink. From Upscales in Washington, or Oregon. Somewhere!
"Elkhorn" Montipora, from Adam at Tridacna Reefs. This is an ORA frag.