Livestock Log


Couple of zoo frags from Dr. Mac

Spring/Summer 05
Vin Miller
LengSy type cap. Originally from FragGuy
Tricolor Acro
Bright chartreuse green cap

Purple Monti Cap frag from Greg Hiller
Yellow Porites frag from Greg Hiller
Goneastria (?) dark brown with bright aqua centers - Dr. Mac
Thin purple Gorgonian - Aquaria USA
Awesome purple polyped yellowish encrusting monti from JeremyR at Coral Reef Aquarium; broke into several frags
John Susbilla (tubs)
Montipora danae - unbelievable purple with bright red/orange polyps. About 1/2 inch
Goniopora stutchburyi - Reddish orange about 2 inches long
Encristing monti; bright pink, about 1/2 inch. Freebie.

Reef Splendor
Mimic Tang, half-black variety
Huge Clavularia, tan with green centers

Northstar Corals, Bill Bramucci
A. yongei, green slimer
Green A. millepora
Purple A. formosa staghorn
Awesome purple acro, green tint (his trademark coral)
Pink pedistal Acro
free A. samoensis

Eddies Aquarium
Traded in the White-faced tang for a blackcap basslet. Tang was doing great, but was too rough with new fish inhabitants. Basslet was very beat up, but is looking great.

Super Blue tortuosa - almost 1 inch
A. millepora- Flourescent pink; 3 branches; 1.5 inches
A. millepora - orange/pink body obscures by very long dark polyps; purple tips
M. digitata - solid orange/pink; 3 inches
Tricolor acro - tan with green polyps and bright purple tips; about 2.5 inches, numerous branches
Various Reef Stores
Stylophora pistillata (?) -Absolutely Fish, NJ - Dark reddish but might turn pink, odd upright shape for a Stylo.
Acropora sp. - NY Aquaria, Very dark colored frag with pink and green shades, might color up more. Also a Randalls Shrimp goby.
Montipora digitata - Reef and Fin, Orange polyps, ivory base- different from an orange monti I had in the past

Paul Ifkovits
Super long tentacled Sarcophyton - 4 or 5 inches tall
Blue tip acro - about 2 inches, several branches
Green Stylophora - 2 small but nice frags
Light Purple robusta - mounted frag, about 3/4"

Cris on RC, Rocky Mountain Reef Club
2 Flourescent Green Sarcophyton - almost an inch each, super nice
Acropora millepora - Pinkish brown with blue tips about 1.5 inches tall, several branches
Seriatopora hystrix - bright pink; 3 or 4 separate branches each about 3/4

Order - Palmetto Reefs
Lots of Ricordea florida:
1 rock with about a dozen polyps - an interesting slate blue with green mouths
1 rock with about 6 polyps - hot pink on a dark base- real nice
1 fuzzy blue-tipped staghorn from ORA
1 rock with a couple nice orange R.florida polyps, 1 partly divided R.florida florescent green on a dark base, 1 bright chartreuse unattached

Order - Palmetto Reefs
2 Maxima Clams - about 2.75 and 3.5 inches - both really nice
1 Ricordea yuma - bright pink

Frags from Rich Durso's tank:
Montipora sp. (hispida? looks like one named this on ecorals)- when I saw this in Rich's tank I thought it was one of the most beautiful corals I'd seen - a plating species that formed upright pinnacles, the base color was dark brownish with florescent poster green polyps- you just have to see it. Rich was nice enough to break off a couple of the uprights for us. Originally from Rich Knecht (aka RichK)
Montipora digitata - green, nice big frag at least 4 inches tall
Montipora capricornis - bright rust red, originally from Rich Knecht (aka RichK)
Knobby Sea Rod Gorgonian, about 4 inches tall, originally from Jim Fox (aka MiNdErAsR)

ECorals order

Clavularia - were supposed to be green centered but weren't
Montipora capricornis - Green with purple edge
Ricordea florida - pink, one polyp
Ricordea florida - purple-green, one polyp
Ricordea florida - light blue (supposedly), one polyp
Tubipora musica - green, two frags
Zooanthus - red, or dark orange
Zooanthus - yellowish with bluish centers

Eddies Aquarium (LFS)

3 Apogon leptacanthus, approx. one inch each. Somewhat damaged when I got them but looking great.
Foxface, a bit under 3 inches

Premium Aquatics

Cerith snails
Margharita snails
Reef crude - Mud from their holding tanks, a pound
Reef rubble - small LR pieces, a pound
Live Sand - two pounds

Paragon Aquatics

Live rock
Astrea snails
A couple of tiger trochus and nassarius