The tank is an Oceanic 120, set up in august/september of 2002. I intend it to house primarily sps, along with Ricordea florida, a few Sarcophytons and any other interesting organisms, and house a moderate fish load.

The main return from the basement sump is a Sequence 2900 SEQ21. The tank was intended to be a custom setup with 2 holes for 1.5 inch pipes contained in a single oversized overflow box. Unfortunately, when it came it had only a single hole drilled in a single box, less flow than a standard Oceanic 120. As a result, I have had to cut back on the output from the sump and rely more heavily on closed loops and in-tank circulation. This is probably more economical ayway. The Sequence puts out a ton of water, and I have the ball valve after it practically closed.

Additional circulation is provided by a Gemini pump set on a wavemaker that shuts it on and off every 3 minutes. My Gemini is kind of noisy, but I have seen other people with silent ones. Opposing that is a Tunze Stream 6060- the lowest output one they currently make. This is on in the day and off at night. Provides possibly more flow than the Gemini but cannot be operated on a wavemaker. Very nice appliance. The Gemini shoots out water at such a velocity that it creates a wave that sloshes up onto the crossbrace. I slowed it down a bit by putting a larger pvc fitting around the outlet. This slows the flow by inhibiting water from flowing in from the back, kind of like a reverse eductor. Both units are screwed to the canopy. Additional circulation is provided by a 3/4 Seaswirl driven by a Mag9. This doesn't do much in comparison to the other two, and I will probably switch to a bigger pump eventually.

One 400W mogul Radium on a spiderlight type reflector and PFO ballast, flanked by two 250 DE Ushio 10Ks in Reefoptix III pendents driven by a Bluewave ballast. Really like these Reefoptix III fixtures. The PFO stuff is from Premium Aquatics, the other from Ecorals. All in a homemade hood with a 4" Radioshack fan, blowing in. The back and top is mostly open.

The sump is located in the basement for summer cooling and noise/mess reduction. It is a 75 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank from a local feed store. It has about 5 or 6 inches of Southdown sand in it, and is illuminated on a cycle opposite the main tank (RDP) by a 250 watt incandescent plant light. Floating in the sump is a ton of Chaetomorpha, spaghetti algae.

Other Equipment
Aqua-C EV180 skimmer
Myreef 2-stage Calcium reactor
DIY Kalk reactor, driven by a litre-meter
3 Won-pro heaters on a temperature controller