Here is a nice pink table from Bill Bramucci (SawCJack) of Northstar Corals. Growing quite fast.
Another from SawCJack- this an A. formosa stag. Doesn't look like much in the picture I guess, But is very nice in person; rich brownish purple, bright blue tip, lush polyp extension. Doubled in size over the summer.
Blue tipped Acro from Upscales. Also has green polyps but they don't show here.
Turquoise stag from Adam Soyer at Tridacna Reefs.

A. yongei

Here is the famouse green slimer, this one from SawCJack.

Here is a picture from my old reef. This grew from a frag from Noel Curry at Scientific Corals, and also was supposed to be a Bali Green Slimer. Looks different from the above!
The little purple guy right in front of the green Monti is SawCJack's signature coral. Should become bright purple with a green tint on the inner branches.
The famous blue tortuosa. This is how it looked from Upscales; has encrusted well and grown a bit. Looks like slow going. Sorry about the pic!